The T-JTA provides an excellent overview of my clients' personality strengths and growth areas. The Criss-Cross assessment helps me understand personality 'pressure points' in the couple's relationship. The online administration, scoring, and report generation is invaluable. A great time-saver!

- Dr. Craig Loving

Henderson, CO

The T-JTA offers the premiere standard of demonstrating both graphically and conceptually the areas of conflict in a relationship, helping people to truly see and better understand their partner and create opportunities for increasing closeness.

- Chaplain David Nutter

Saint George, UT

I have used the T-JTA over 30+ years of ministry in a variety of situations. Its results are very accurate and the model very teachable to clients. It still is the most useful premarital instrument that is available. I highly recommend it.

- Pastor Rob Steed

Victoria, Australia

The T-JTA is a good tool to facilitate case development, and is especially useful in pre-marital counseling, relationship building, intimacy development and career guidance. This tool is cross-cultural, so it helps me a lot to serve a diverse community.

- Ms. Suk Kwan Marie Wong

Kowloon, Hong Kong

The T-JTA is extremely helpful in getting a quick picture of how people are doing in the important areas of emotional maturity and relational effectiveness. I also find it extremely helpful in working with couples.

- Mr. Rusty Rustenbach

Colorado Springs, CO

It is a concise and easy way to understand temperament differences, in a graphic way, so individuals can benefit from their differences instead of allowing them to cause problems or division in their relationship.

- Dr. Claudio Consuegra

Silver Springs, MD

I have been utilizing the T-JTA profile for over 30 years. The profile has yet to miss as a self-responding picture of the emotional health of an individual or client. It is clear, concise and easily understood.

- Dr. David Walls

Stuart, FL

The use of the T-JTA has allowed my clients to identify problems that they have not been able to verbally articulate. As I use the profile with couples, the couples find it much easier to converse about their problems after they see the profile results. Succinctly put, it has been an emotional x-ray in my counseling practice.

- Dr. John Iamaio

Rochester, NY

It allows me to meet with a couple that I have not previously known and in 2 hours build rapport and identify strengths and weaknesses in their relationship. The tool helps them better understand their relationship and responses to one another. I use the T-JTA in premarital counseling. Of the 80 couples I have married, 89% are still married and 40% have been married at least 25 years. It is a valuable tool.

- Dr. Steve Johnson

Baton Rouge, LA

I use the T-JTA in almost all of my marital work because it highlights the differences in temperaments. This gives a safe and easy way to highlight differences in relating styles and provides a safe starting point for beginning therapy. People really seemed to enjoy the graphical nature of the interpretation so they can see for themselves what is going on with them.

- Mr. Nick Keeter

Rudy, AR

It has a strong research basis. It is relatively easy for the client to complete and the results provide the opportunity for practical application.

- Dr. Greg DeLort

Manhattan, KS

It's a powerful tool to evaluate the personality state of clients. It's helpful to counselors to evaluate and understand clients' problems deeply.

- Mr. Jesse Hsu

Shanghai, China

It shows the strengths and weaknesses visibly. It is an excellent way to show people where they are at in a graphic manner.

- Dr. David T.W. Lee

Seoul, Korea

During my 25 year counseling practice, the T-JTA has been my number one tool to help me assess where people were emotionally. It has allowed me to determine accurate assessments as to what personality conflicts were really in existence. I have never had to second guess what the problem was.

- Dr. Gary Lawrence

Phoenix, AZ

It helps to get a perspective of the personality...In my experience of using the T-JTA for more than 25 years, I have yet to find a person who says the test was wrong. They all affirmed the profile that resulted from taking the test was accurate.

- Dr. Harvey Plett

Manitoba, Canada

The T-JTA is by far the best counseling tool I have used in the 48 years of my private practice. I began using it in 1967. I don't know how a pastor, counselor or mental health worker can effectively do without it. It has been indispensable in allowing me to get to know my clients and for them to understand themselves. Obviously, I highly recommend it.

- Dr. Kenneth O. Peterman

Baltimore, MD

Some of the other tools I use do not have a system to check the veracity of the answers the client gives. The Attitude Scale Score helps do that. The completeness of the Interpretive Report (especially the Criss-Cross) is beneficial in pre- and post-marital counseling.

- Pastor Gary Watson

Oakland City, IN

I appreciate the fact that the T-JTA is research based and clinically accurate. The quality materials and online completion and scoring is a definite asset to the counselor. The T-JTA is also fun for clients, especially those who are scored in the Criss-Cross profile.

- Dr. Ross Plews

Alberta, Canada

The results from the T-JTA with couples always open the door to discussion on the dynamics of good relationships, building skills to improve communication and the appreciation of who each person is and of their potential to become.

- Rev. Stuart Young

Salem, OR

It's a great tool to help people realize their inner values and to be able to perform better in their own lives as well as with others and also marital relationships.

- Dr. George Thevarakam

Selangor, Malaysia

Its unique “Criss-Cross” testing feature identifies pertinent differences and is particularly useful when working with couples and families in premarital, marital and family counseling.

- Ms. Jenny Ong