About Psychological Publications, Inc.

We believe in the power of counseling to transform lives, and that counselors achieve better results when equipped with the right tools. That is why my father, Marriage and Family Therapist Robert Taylor, founded PPI and developed the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis® (T-JTA®) – to provide counseling professionals with a psychological assessment that is widely applicable, easy to understand and profoundly effective.

While we distribute a number of psychological assessments, we are best known for the T-JTA. The T-JTA is a personality assessment that has been used for over 50 years for individual, pre-marital, marital, and family counseling. The T-JTA measures 18 dimensions of personality (9 bipolar traits) that are important in individual adjustment and interpersonal relationships. The T-JTA's accuracy and user-friendly design are what make the T-JTA unique and preferred by counseling professionals who insist upon using the very best counseling tools available.

Today, administration of the T-JTA is easier than ever before. Our newly automated T-JTA Online scoring service generates instant results and offers counselors complete control over the testing process. Test results are fully customizable – choose from a variety of T-JTA Profiles, counselor reports, and handouts designed for clients. T-JTA Brief and Interpretive Reports have been redesigned in content and format with new scales and syndromes. For counselors who prefer paper administration, the T-JTA can be taken offline using Question Booklets and Answer Sheets with responses hand-key entered online by the counselor for quick and accurate computer scoring.

As the international copyright holder and publisher of the T-JTA, PPI is committed to supporting ongoing T-JTA research and product development, including translations to expand T-JTA use globally. The T-JTA has been translated into numerous languages including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French, German and Indonesian. The T-JTA was re-standardized for the U.S. and for Chinese-speaking countries as recently as 2012.

We believe there is a reason we have been in business for over 50 years. At PPI, our customers’ needs come first. We believe our personalized service is unique. When you call PPI, you will be greeted by a customer service representative, not a robot. Over the years, we have come to know many of our customers by name and enjoy the opportunity to assist helping professionals in determining which assessments and services best suit their needs.

We look forward to another exciting year of offering the T-JTA and other assessments to a worldwide network of counseling professionals. We feel privileged to play a role in the important work that counselors do to assist individuals, enrich marriages and strengthen families.


Jamie Taylor
Director, PPI