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Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis®
Training Seminars and Courses

Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis training and certification is available for those who wish to learn about the concepts, skills, and techniques that promote and increase effective use of the T-JTA in counseling individuals, couples, and families. T-JTA training is also designed for current T-JTA users who wish to refresh or update their knowledge of the T-JTA.

PPI maintains a list of authorized T-JTA instructors who conduct T-JTA training seminars throughout the United States, Canada, and in many other countries around the world. Seminars are offered at various colleges, universities, seminaries, churches, and in private settings.

Click below to view a list of authorized T-JTA instructors by state or country.

To inquire about upcoming T-JTA training seminars, please contact the authorized instructor(s) in your area. For additional assistance, you may contact PPI via email at or by calling (805) 527-9202. Continuing Education Credits are offered at some training seminars. Please direct questions concerning costs, dates, directions to locations, and Continuing Education Credits to the authorized instructor. To sponsor a training seminar at your facility, please email PPI at and we will be happy to assist you in organizing one.

Audio Training Package – T-JTA Training Course on CD

If you are unable to locate an authorized T-JTA instructor who meets your needs, our Audio Training Package (ATP) is an excellent alternative. It includes 6 hours of instruction recorded at an actual T-JTA seminar conducted by H. Norman Wright. It is detailed, easy-to-follow, and convenient for both individuals and groups. In addition to listening to the ATP to increase or refresh your own knowledge of the T-JTA, you can use it to introduce others to the T-JTA and train them in the proper usage of the assessment. Please note that all training is optional. To become certified to purchase and utilize the T-JTA, you must complete an Application to Purchase/Qualification Summary. Once your application has been approved based on your educational background and experience, you may use the T-JTA Manual to train yourself in the administration and interpretation of the assessment.

To Become An Authorized T-JTA Instructor

If you are interested in becoming an authorized T-JTA instructor, please submit an Application to Become an Authorized T-JTA Instructor online. For a description of the advantages of becoming an authorized T-JTA instructor, eligibility requirements, and support materials available exclusively through PPI, click here . You may also contact PPI via email at or by calling (805) 527-9202 to receive an application to provide training. Once your application is submitted, PPI will contact you with information regarding the ways we can assist you in the development and implementation of a T-JTA seminar or course. PPI provides authorized T-JTA instructors with support materials specifically designed for trainers, as well as special packages, pricing, and payment options.

Authorized T-JTA Instructors: To view a list forms for authorized T-JTA instructors, click here and log in!

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