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T-JTA® Online Administration
Now you can have your clients take the T-JTA online from any internet accessible location and PPI will score the tests and return the results directly to you! This expedient scoring option is made possible through our T-JTA administration website: The test is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian.
Clients can access the T-JTA immediately by entering their counselor's name and scoring access number. Moreover, you can be confident that online testing will be completed competently as detailed directions are clearly explained on the administration website.
Output options: Scoring and Profiles Only, Profiles with Brief Reports, and Profiles with Interpretive Reports (for the counselor), and Report Sheets, Report Booklets, and Trait Suggestion Sheets* (for the test-taker). Just indicate which type of scoring you would like to have generated for your clients when you register for TJTA Online Administration. Once the T-JTA has been taken online, it will be scored and results returned to you within one business day. Return methods: First Class Mail, email, or online retrieval. Results that are returned electronically are in PDF format.
You and your clients can take advantage of the ultimate in testing efficiency without handscoring tedium or scheduling and appointment hassles. And, despite the added ease and convenience for you, prices for our Online Scoring Service and for our Mail-In/Fax-In Scoring Service are the same! Current scoring prices are listed below:
Scoring Output
Self Test
Criss-Cross Test
Scoring & Profiling Only
Profile with Brief Report
Profile with Interpretive Report
Add Report Sheet or Report Booklet
Add Trait Suggestion Sheets
$11.00 Flat Fee
$22.00 Flat Fee
Add Answer Sheets

*Trait Suggestion Sheets can either be generated automatically based on "Improvement Desirable" and "Improvement Needed" scores, or upon request once you have reviewed your client's Profile.
In order to process tests as soon as they come in, we offer two payment methods: 1) You may provide us with your credit card information, to be used for all online scoring, or 2) You may provide us with a check in advance, to be applied to your scoring account as a credit. You will never again have to pay fees for transcription and postage!
T-JTA Online Administration is also excellent for group testing, as test-takers can complete the assessment when it is convenient for them. Simply call us or email us and provide us with a list of the individuals who will be taking the test, discerning between Self tests and Criss-Cross tests. We can either send you the results of tests as they come in, or wait to receive all of the tests and send you all the results at once.
Remember: As long as your clients know your last name and scoring access number, they can log in to the T-JTA Administration website and take the test any time, any where!
To register for T-JTA Online Administration, please complete a T-JTA Online Scoring Registration Form. Once you do, you are well on your way to stress-free, computer accuracy!

• First time buyers - Purchase an Online Scoring Counselors' Kit (KT2) below to get started.
• Existing customers - Pay a one-time registration fee of $89.00.

T-JTA Online Scoring Counselor's Kit

Product Code KT2-100

Contains T-JTA Manual,  Handbook, Online Registration Fee, $100 preloaded scoring credit.

Price: $275.00

$369.00. Value

T-JTA Online Scoring Counselor's Kit

Product Code KT2-350

Contains T-JTA Manual, Handbook, free Online Registration , $350 ($50 bonus) preloaded scoring credit.

Price: $425.00

$619.00. Value

T-JTA Online Scoring Counselor's Kit
The Online Scoring Counselor's Kit comes preloaded with a  scoring credit of $100 or $350, applicable to any scoring fees incurred through use of the T-JTA Online Scoring Service (see table above).
Contents abd Price Breakdown

• 2018 T-JTA Interpretive Manual
• 2018 T-JTA Handbook
• Online Registration Fee
• $100 or $350.00 applied Scoring Credit
   ( If you purchase $300.00 in pre-paid scoring you will
    receive a bonus scoring credit of $50.00)


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