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T-JTA Computer Scoring Services

The Computer Scoring, Profiling, and Interpretive Report Services for the T-JTA are designed to save the counselor time and ensure scoring accuracy. Different scoring options for Self and Criss-Cross tests are available depending upon the needs of the user.


T-JTA Profiles measures 9 personality traits and their opposites:
• Nervous ↔ Composed
• Depressive ↔ Light-Hearted
• Active-Social ↔ Quiet
• Expressive-Responsive ↔ Inhibited
• Sympathetic ↔ Indifferent
• Subjective ↔ Objective
• Dominant ↔ Submissive
• Hostile ↔ Tolerant
• Self-Disciplined  ↔ Impulsive

Report Contents

T-JTA Computer Scoring Reports are designed to provide the counselor with information about the respondent’s feelings, attitudes, and behavioral patterns for use in planning counseling procedures, and as an aid in evaluating counseling progress and outcome.

Computer Supplemental Scales

New T-JTA Supplemental Scales designed to broaden the scope of the T-JTA have been added to all Brief and Interpretive Reports in addition to the scores on the 9 original T-JTA Traits, Trait Patterns and test validity information.

• Overall Adjustment
• Emotional Stability
• Self-Esteem
• Alienating,
• Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Outgoing/Gregarious,
• Persuasive/Influential
• Industrious/Persevering
• Consistency (validity scale)


• Speed - Immediate scoring, profiling and reporting. Results are normally sent back to you within 24 hours of their receipt, or results can be returned on the same day by FAX or by email for Online Scoring customers.
• Accuracy - Avoid errors common in handscoring. Computer Answer Sheets are scanned and plotted by computer, decreasing the likelihood of errors.
• Flexibility - You decide which report you want each time you score a test. 3 Output Options are available.

Scoring Fees for Mail-In/Fax-In and Online Testing & Scoring

Scoring Option
Self Test
Criss-Cross Test
Scoring and Profiling Only (S/P)
Brief Report*
Interpretive Report*
Report Booklets or Report Sheets
Trait Suggestions Sheets
$11.00 flat fee
$22.00 flat fee

*All Reports Include Scoring and Profiling


Scoring Reports for the Counselor

1. PROFILES– Plotted results include:
• Scores: Raw Scores, Percentiles and Sten Scores
  - Validity Scores: Mid, Attitude Scale and Consistency

2. BRIEF REPORTS (Includes Plotted Profiles)
• T-JTA Traits (A-I) Scores: Raw Scores, Percentiles and Sten Scores
• Computer Supplemental Scales: Raw Scores, Percentiles, Sten Scores and Sten Interpretations (high, average, low.)
  - Validity Scores: Mid, Attitude Scale and Consistency Stens
  - T-JTA Trait Patterns when present
  - T-JTA Traits suggesting problem areas or strengths
  - List of key questions suggesting the existence of problems
  - Criss-Cross Reports compare each person’s Self scores with Criss-Cross scores.

3. INTERPRETIVE REPORTS: (Includes Plotted Profiles)
Contains everything listed in Brief Report above, plus the following additional features:
• Definitions of all T-JTA Traits (A-I)
• Interpretation of the scores for each T-JTA Trait.
• List of each question and how the respondent answered, grouped into narrower categories, called “response themes” within each trait.
• Criss-Cross Reports point out similarities and differences on T-JTA Traits and Trait Patterns and Supplemental Scales. Pertinent areas of disagreement are listed for follow-up by the counselor.

Reports for your Clients

Report Booklets or Report Sheets

Now you can obtain customized Report Booklets and Report Sheets for your clients for small additional fee. The Report Booklet is designed to be given to the respondent in those instances where the counselor determines it would be valuable and contructive to send information home with the testee. It is worded in a non-threatening and useful fashion that will reinforce for the counselee what was presented during the interpretation. It lists areas of strength and areas where attention may be needed. This 8-page booklet contains an introduction to the T-JTA, T-JTA Profiles, validity scales, and descriptions of the 9 bipolar trait categories. One report booklet is used per testee. The Report Sheet is a one page summary of the 9 trait areas grouped as "strengths" or "areas for further attention."

Trait Suggestion Sheets

Now you can obtain customized Trait Suggestion Sheets for your clients for a small additional fee. The Trait Suggestion Sheets can be generated automatically, or the counselor can select those sheets to be printed for each Self respondent. Each sheet lists a number of suggestions for improvement in that trait area. It is designed for the respondent in those instances where the counselor determines it would be valuable and constructive to send suggestions home with the testee. Trait suggestion sheets range from 2 to 8 pages are a customized with the respondent's name.

Fax-in Scoring

• Need same day computer scoring for the T-JTA? If you fax your T-JTA answer sheets to PPI, we will score and return the results the same day by email or internet retrieval. Alternately, results may be returned by overnight or regular mail services. This service is available during our normal operating hours.

T-JTA Mail-In/Fax-In Scoring Counselor's Kit

This Option should be ordered if you intend to use PPI’s mail-in/fax-in T-JTA Scoring Service to computer score the T-JTA.

•  T-JTA Manual
• 10 Question Booklets, Choice of:
  - Regular Edition
  - Non Criss-Cross Edition
  - Secondary Edition
• 25 Computer Answer Sheets
• 10 Report Booklets

Mail-In/Fax-In Scoring Counselor's Kit
Price: $242.00

To switch from handscoring to the T-JTA Mail-In/Fax-In Computer Scoring Service, you will just need to purchase the T-JTA Computer Answer Sheets described below!


Computer Scoring Answer Sheets

PPI’s Mail-in Computer Scoring Service requires the use of T-JTA Computer Answer Sheets, specially designed for computer readability. This is a two-sided answer sheet with one side dedicated to testee identification information and the second side for the responses to the 180 T-JTA questions.

T-JTA Computer Pkg/25
Price: $22.50

T-JTA Computer Pkg/25
Price: $34.50

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