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T-JTA® Handscoring Counselor's Kit

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T-JTA® Handscoring Counselor's Kit

Qualification Level: B

This kit includes all the materials you need to hand score the T-JTA with 100 individual respondents or about 25 couples. This kit contains a T-JTA Manual, Scoring Stencils, Norms, Question Booklets, Answer Sheets, Profiles Report Booklets, and pens and scoring rulers.


• T-JTA  Interpretive Manual
• Set of Handscoring Stencils
• Handscoring Instructions
• T-JTA Handbook
• 2012 Norm Tables
• 10 Question Booklets, Choice of:
  - Regular Edition
  - Non Criss-Cross Edition
  - Secondary Edition
• 100 Handscoring Answer Sheets
• 100 Profiles, Choice of:
  - Unshaded
  - Shaded
  - Shaded Without Zone Designations
  - Sten
• 10 Report Booklets
• Trait Pattern Transparencies
• Pen Set
• Percentile and Sten Locator Rulers
• T-JTA Online Registration*

*Information about T-JTA Online Scoring

Information about T-JTA Computer Scoring Software


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