T-JTA® Mail-In/Fax-In Scoring Counselor's Kit

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T-JTA® Mail-In/Fax-In Scoring Counselor's Kit

Qualification Level: B

The T-JTA Mail-In/Fax-In Scoring Counselor's Kit is designed for T-JTA users who want take advantage of PPI's Mail-In/Fax-In Scoring Service for the T-JTA. This kit has all the components you will need to administer the T-JTA assessment to your clients on specially designed computer scoring answer sheets that are mailed or faxed to PPI for accurate scoring and prompt return of T-JTA results by email, mail, or for Internet retrieval. See scoring fees below.


• T-JTA Manual
• T-JTA Handbook
• 10 Question Booklets, Choice of:
  - Regular Edition
  - Non Criss-Cross Edition
  - Secondary Edition
• 25 Computer Answer Sheets
• 10 Report Booklets

Mail-In/Fax-In Scoring Fees
Scoring Output
Scoring & Profiling
Brief Report*
Interpretive Report*
Report Sheet or Report Booklet
Trait Suggestion Sheets
$11.00 Flat Fee Per Individual

*All Reports Include Scoring and Profiling

More Mail-In/Fax-In Scoring Service Information


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