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T-JTA Computer Scoring Counselor's Kit

KT1 - T-JTA Manual & PPI Plus Software Protection Device

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T-JTA® Computer Scoring Counselor's Kit

Qualification Level: B

T-JTA® Computer Scoring Software, Version 8 scores, prints profiles, and Brief and Interpretive Reports for T-JTA Self and Criss-Cross tests to assist the counselor in T-JTA interpretation and use. With new Version 8, you can also print customized Trait Suggestion Sheets and Report Booklets for your clients.


•T-JTA Interpretive Manual
• Users Guide to the Software
• Computer ScoringSoftware System,Version 8
    •The T-JTA Software is on a PPI Plus Software Protection Device
    (USB Drive)
that must be plugged into a USB Port on your computer for the
    T-JTA scoring program to run.

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Add a Printed Materials Module

Only available as add-on to Counselor's Kit 1.
• Contains 5 Question Booklets, 50 Answer Sheets

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