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Become an Authorized Instructor for the
Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis® (T-JTA®)

Click here to submit an application to become an authorized
T-JTA® instructor via the internet!

Psychological Publications, Inc. currently maintains a list of authorized instructors worldwide who provide training in the use of the T-JTA® for clergy and professional counselors. The exclusive advantages of providing authorized instruction include:

• Streamline the process for T-JTA® approval to purchase (Individuals who successfully complete T-JTA® training will be approved by PPI and receive an account number provided they meet the prerequisite educational requirements.)

• Significant discounts on T-JTA® Counselor's Kits and other relevant training materials

• Pricing discretion regarding seminar attendance and supplies

• Meeting a growing counseling demand and need worldwide!

Eligibility to Become an Authorized T-JTA® Instructor

Eligibility for approval to become an authorized T-JTA® instructor depends on two factors:

1) Experience with T-JTA® administration and interpretation

2) An advanced degree (at least a Masters) from an accredited university or seminary with a foundation in counseling

If you are an experienced T-JTA® administrator who is interested in providing training for colleagues, students, and/or other qualified counselors in your area, we would be pleased to consider your Application to Provide Authorized T-JTA® Instruction
. Please complete and submit this online form now, and we will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your specific intentions and desired training applications. We look forward to discussing the various ways in which we can assist you with the development and implementation of T-JTA® training.

Active T-JTA® Authorized Instructors

If you are a current T-JTA® authorized instructor, we thank you for your ongoing dedication to teaching and advancing the effective usage of the assessment. Each year, hundreds of new applicants from around the world attest to your commendable efforts. We know that your students recognize, as we do, that the generous support of mentors such as yourself is one of the T-JTA's greatest benefits.

Over the years, many of you have come to us regarding the need for additional training aides—specifically, visual and organizational aids. This is why we know you will share our excitement in introducing our new T-JTA® PowerPoint Presentations!

Yes, T-JTA® training just got a whole lot easier—not to mention more effective—for all! In response to the growing demand from our authorized instructors for seminar aids, PPI has developed a new comprehensive T-JTA® Authorized Instruction PowerPoint Presentation. Over one hundred information packed slides—animated for impact and emphasis—provide key testing strategies, tips, and descriptions of test materials that will be invaluable for you and those you train. This training presentation is accompanied by a valuable Introduction to the T-JTA®, at no extra charge! Our Introduction to the T-JTA® PowerPoint Presentation includes an overview of the T-JTA, information about the development of the assessment, unique features and benefits of the assessment, suggested applications, and more.

 Click here for a full syllabus of each.

If you are planning to conduct a T-JTA® training seminar, we would be happy to provide you with materials to help you prepare for your event. Please feel free to contact us via email, fax (805-527-9266), or phone (800-345-8378) and let us know how we can be of assistance to you.

Frequently requested training forms include:

• Complimentary Materials Request Form
• Authorized Instructors Discount Order Form
• T-JTA® Training Guidelines and Outline
• T-JTA® Complete Brochures (for each trainee)

For copies of these and other forms, or if you have any questions regarding your training plans, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you again for your tremendous support and cooperation. We appreciate your efforts and welcome your continued suggestions for the enhancement and expansion of T-JTA® instruction.

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