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Publisher of the

Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis® (T-JTA®)

Personality Assessment for Individuals, Couples, and Families

The T-JTA is a widely used personality assessment for individual, marital, premarital, and family counseling.  The T-JTA measures 18 dimensions of personality (9 bipolar traits) that are important components of personal adjustment and in interpersonal relationships.

The T-JTA's unique "Criss-Cross" testing feature identifies pertinent differences between couples, family members, and others in significant relationships. The T-JTA pinpoints for the counselor where to focus counseling time and attention.

The T-JTA Profile is a simple yet effective counseling tool designed for use in the counseling session to increase understanding, enhance personal growth and thereby reduce conflict.
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First Time Buyers: Purchase a T-JTA Counselor's Kit to get started.

PPI's Mission

PPI’s mission is to provide our customers with the most effective tools available to enhance and support their counseling efforts. PPI distributes a variety of personality, organizational development, career, child and adolescent assessments, books and videos for counseling professionals, including the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis® (T-JTA®), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and Family Relationship Inventory. PPI is committed to the highest professional standards in the psychological assessment field, and to providing outstanding customer service.


• T-JTA® Online Administration

Take the T-JTA 24/7 via the Internet in the following languages:

• English  • Spanish  • French  • German  • Korean   • Chinese

• T-JTA Computer Scoring Software, Version 8

 • New Profile Options
 • New Report Format for Brief and Interpretive Reports
in color
 • Run software from T-JTA PPI Software Protection Device (USB Drive)
 • Purchase Coupons and Register Software Online

 T-JTA® Manual, Latest Edition 2012

•  2012 T-JTA® Norms


Attending a T-JTA training seminar is a great way to learn about the concepts, skills, and techniques that promote and increase effective use of the T-JTA. PPI maintains a list of T-JTA Authorized Instructors. Please contact the instructor to obtain schedules and fees.

Click  here:  Attend T-JTA® Training  to find a T-JTA Authorized Instructor near you.

If the above seminar(s) are inconvenient for you, consider purchasing one of our self-training products. Both the T-JTA Audio Training Package and the T-JTA Handbook are excellent alternatives to attending a live training.



T-JTA® Computer Scoring Software, Version 8

Computer Scoring Software, Version 8- New features let you administer, score, and create profiles, Brief and Interpretive Reports for the counselor, and Report Sheets or Report Booklets, and Trait Suggestion Sheets for your clients! Now administer the T-JTA® in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Korean. Easy-to-use and install. More Info


2018 T-JTA® Manual and Handbook Combination

The 2018 Edition of the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis Interpretive Manual and Handbook is contained in a 3-ring binder and includes information on online test administration and interpretation. The manual provides extensive coverage of T-JTA use with individuals, couples and families, and Criss-Cross testing; interpretation and use of the 9 T-JTA Traits.
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T-JTA® Online Test Administration

Taking the T-JTA® Online is so easy! Your clients can take the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis anytime anywhere via the Internet at The T-JTA is scored and results are posted online or sent by mail or email by the next business day. First-time users can order the Online Counselor’s Kit - select Add to Cart now!
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Family Relationship Inventory (FRI)––Assess Family Dynamics

Designed for child, adolescent, adult, and family counseling. Easy to administer, easy to score, non-threatening method of evaluating family relationships. The FRI clarifies individual feelings and interpersonal relationships. The game-like format makes it useful with younger family members.

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T-JTA® Chinese Computer Scoring Software

Administer the T-JTA® in Chinese or English. Easy to score, use U.S. or Chinese Norms. Print Profiles in English or Chinese. Brief or Interpretive Report options in English.

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T-JTA® Spiritual and Practical Helps by Walter Trobisch

Dr. Walter Trobisch worked with hundreds of couples using the T-JTA. Much of their individual growth has come through practical and spiritual helps that you will find in these pages. Combining a deep understanding of the Scriptures with a sound knowledge of psychology, T-JTA Spiritual and Practical Helps is of special interest for pastors and Christian counselors who work with couples.

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