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Date: March 18, 1996

T-JTA Training


Thank you for your interest in the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis® (T-JTA®). Attending a T-JTA training seminar is recommended prior to purchasing and utilizing the assessment. However, it is not required for people who have the appropriate educational background.


To be approved and open an account with PPI, please submit an Application to Purchase/Qualification Summary. Once you have submitted an application,  you may place your initial order for T-JTA materials. To get started using the T-JTA, you must purchase a Counselor's Kit. You will receive notification of your approval status within one business day.


The T-JTA Handbook is an excellent addition to any Counselor's Kit and is available at a discount when purchased along with a kit. It iintroduces the guidelines for interpreting T-JTA results through sample counselor-client dialogues, case examples and sample plotted profiles.


For those individuals who are unable to attend a live T-JTA training seminar, we offer an Audio Training Package. The package includes a syllabus, six hours of instruction on CD, and a set of Trait Pattern Transparencies. For a more detailed description including pricing, please click here.

Below is a list of authorized T-JTA instructors in your area.


For information about upcoming T-JTA training seminars, including dates and locations, please contact the following instructors directly.


Mrs. Beth Grobe Wade

Wade Educational Services

14411 Still Meadow

Houston, TX 77079

(713) 899-3859

Jackie Allain, MA, LPC

Freedom Counseling Associates

408 W. Ave. F

Midlothian, TX 76065

(972) 723-0044


Rev. Jack D. Stanfield

105 N. Church St.

Linden, TX 75563

(903) 756-5517


Dr. F. Alan Pickering

7208 Overland Tr.

Colleyville,TX 76034

(817) 807-6869


Mr. Daniel E. Farris, Sr.

1701 River Run Rd.

Suite 912

Fort Worth,TX 76107

(972) 333-0960


Dr. Kirk Castleman

7419 Bairnsdale

Houston, TX 77070

(830) 900-9771


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